Thursday, April 3, 2008

2 more bags that will be at CRAFT this weekend

Here is 2 more bags that will be at CRAFT this weekend.

baigne par le soleil

jardin d'ornement

Here is the composed of our first bag - la femme which has sold.

la femme

Look for more bag sneak peeks after this weekend.

3 of our New Bags

feu et glace

baba cool

un tiens vaut mieux que deux tu l'auras

Here is 3 of our new bags - look for more photos tonight.

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Information and Care Cards

Here is the postcard that we are printing to our customers for more information.
Here is our how to care card that will be inside each pocket.

Saturday, March 22, 2008

new works in progess

launch is coming!

par deux meres has been chosen to partcipate in the MAMAMADE on April 26th in Franklin, which will be at the Lillie Belle's Tea House.

Today we are working together to add the finishes touches on some bags, that will actually be at the April Lipstick CRAFT: a creative community event on April 6th ... so come take a sneak peak.

The spring series "suites" include
  • la femme
  • faune et flore including fleu r
  • rococo
  • choix de mots

#2 - feu et glace

#3 - baigne par le soleil

#4 - jardin d'ornement

#5 - un tiens vaut mieux que deux tu l'auras

#6 - baba cool

keep looking.... more to come!

Friday, March 7, 2008


Welcome to Par Deux Meres a collaboration of two creative friends.

Fleur Doucet aka Jodi Reeves is a talented creator who pulls inspiration from nature, women and words. Zephyrine Latour aka Kim Smith uses fabric, needle and thread to express her unique style. The result of their combined talents is Par Deux Meres which means by 2 mothers. The sac de couleurs will be produced in limited edition, numbered and signed by the artists. Sac de Couleurs will debut Spring 2008. Adieu for now, visit again soon more pictures coming.